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Refractory gold evaluation

Multiple pre-treatment options available

Refractory gold ores are typified by the presence of either ultra-fine gold particles disseminated throughout the gold bearing mineralization, or, gold in solid-solution within the mineral matrix. Common refractory gold bearing minerals include arsenopyrite, pyrite and copper sulphides, which are highly resistant to extraction by standard cyanidation and usually require pre-treatment for cyanidation to be effective. There are many factors to consider in refractory gold ore evaluation and multiple pre-treatment options are available, some of which maybe better suited to a particular ore or project than others. ALS is expert in all options and can advise on an appropriate testing program to determine the optimum processing solution.


Refractory gold evaluation testwork services

Refractory gold ores generally contain sulphide minerals, and as such, a primary flotation stage is the obvious choice to concentrate the sulphides into a smaller mass for downstream pre-treatment prior to cyanidation rather than whole of ore processing. Gold sulphide flotation is relatively straightforward and ALS can seamlessly marry this into the testing program via its fully equipped flotation laboratory in conjunction with other process flowsheets.

Once recovered into a smaller mass, the sulphides can be pre-treated via the following processes:

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