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Pressure oxidative leaching

Pressure oxidative leaching is a well-established technology that is used for processing base metal sulphides (e.g. nickel, copper and zinc) and for oxidising gold refractory ores and concentrates (as a pre-treatment for cyanidation). The technology is robust and reaction rates are fast. ALS offers a full range of pressure oxidative leaching services covering basic scoping tests, typically conducted at the bench scale, through to continuous pressure oxidative leach piloting for definitive feasibility studies.

Lixiviação oxidativa sob pressão

High pressure oxidative leaching (HPOx)

ALS has created and invested in a 'state of the art' Hydrometallurgical Centre of Excellence (HCE) and has a dedicated fully equipped pressure leaching facility. HPOx testing utilises the same range of bench scale batch autoclaves as HPAL testing. These include:2 x 1 Gal Ti2 and 1 x 5 Gal Ti2, plus a 1 Gal Hastelloy batch autoclave.

Also available for continuous HPOx testing, and pressure oxidative flowsheet development, is a five compartment 25L Ti 7 submarine autoclave rated to 290°C. This smaller autoclave is integrated into the main pilot plant skids in parallel with the larger 90L HPAL unit.

The depth and breadth of the suite of technical services available to our experienced staff means that testwork is carried out efficiently and informed decisions can be made in a timely manner. We have access to expertise and developments at the cutting edge of metallurgical technology

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Associated testwork services

Leach testwork rarely happens in isolation and typically many other processes are required pre and post leaching testwork, as follows: Sample Characterization, Mineralogy, rheology, solid liquid separation including flocculation and settling, impurity removal, Iron control chemistry, tailings management, materials of construction selection testwork (corrosion coupons) preliminary piloting and fully integrated piloting

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