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Solvent extraction (SX)

Solvent extraction is a well-established technology that is used for purification and concentration of base metals in aqueous solutions (e.g. nickel, cobalt copper, uranium and zinc) The technology is robust and dependent on reagent selection to the required duty making testwork imperative for any flowsheet development. The "state of the art" Hydrometallurgical Centre of Excellence (HCE) at the ALS Balcatta campus has a world class service capability with a fully equipped solvent extraction testwork facility.

Teste de agitação de SX

Solvent extraction

ALS offers a full range of solvent extraction testwork and piloting services covering basic shake out tests, through to comprehensive scales SX circuits for definitive feasibility studies. Batch equipment includes mixers and shakeout flasks of various sizes. Our bench testwork capabilities include:

Continuous pilot equipment is extensive and flexible with three separate SX pilot plants available with up to 60 mixer settlers (i.e. a range of mixer and settler volumes). If we do not have your specific mixer/settler configurations, we will fabricate vessels to suit.

SX circuits can be constructed using various configurations of mixer/settlers for liquor feed rates from 3 to 50 L/h. Ancillary equipment includes heating, pH control and internal recycle control.

ALS has conducted batch and continuous SX tests on both the so-called 'acid' circuit (Cyanex 272 followed by DE2HPA or Versatic Acid) and the ammoniacal circuit (LIX 84I), as well as cobalt-zinc separation in refining circuits (Cyanex 272).

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SX rarely happens in isolation and typically many other processes are inter-related, including: acid leaching, CCD, filtration, recycles, electrowinning etc. Wider processes include: sample preparation, mineralogy, rheology, solid liquid separation including flocculation and settling, impurity removal, Iron control chemistry, tailings management, materials of construction selection testwork (corrosion coupons) preliminary piloting and fully integrated piloting

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