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Iron ore comminution

Comminution parameters and indices of Iron Ores are very important to any testwork program, particularly those relating to crusher design and operation. For this reason, the ALS Iron Ore Technical Centre (IOTC) runs a specimen-based comminution capability to determine crushing related indices efficiently on site as part of a standard iron ore program.

Cominuição de minério de ferro

Iron ore comminution services

Comminution service provided at the IOTC are as follows:

The comprehensive comminution facilities in Balcatta are still seamlessly available to the IOTC if additional comminution determinations are required.

Other related services

Comminution almost always occurs in conjunction with Sample Preparation or Geometallurgy testwork and beneficiation testwork.

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Comminution needs to be coordinated properly into a program to ensure selection opportunities are not lost and data is properly captured. ALS can advise you on the best ways to ensure your comminution requirements are met.

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Associated testwork services

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Comminution is always part of larger metallurgical testwork programs, especially

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