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Mine site analysis

Mine site laboratories

ALS prides itself on reliable analytical data to ensure the achievement of targets and seamless project operation. It is important for on-site mine and process support laboratories provide world-class data to assist in making better strategic and operational decisions, while reducing fixed costs. Independent mineral analyses by ALS allow mines to effectively manage regulatory reporting requirements.

Mine Site Laboratories

Inclusion in the ALS global network

The state-of-the-art equipment used in ALS mine site laboratories is consistent with that in ALS commercial analytical geochemistry laboratories, ensuring the same reliable and superior outcomes are delivered. Applying ALS principles, procedures, and quality standards to the operation of mine site laboratories, in combination with utilising ALS’ global laboratory information management system, clients gain the assurance and convenience that demands will be met with the utmost care.

Inclusion in the ALS global network

Core Services

Identification of potential recovery and remediation issues is crucial as early in a project as possible. Our core services and data integration platform (CoreViewerTM) can assist in identifying subtle or cryptic mineralogy that may save time and money in any exploration project.

On-site core services:

  • Core sawing and sampling
  • Core photography
  • Hyperspectral mapping and interpretation
  • CoreViewerTM

Grade Control Analysis

ALS mine site analysis provides the flexibility to choose from a large variety of methods to best suit a project or ore type. Customisable methods can also be created by our experts to ensure all analytical needs are met. For more information on methods available, please see our Precious Metals, Generative, and Targeted explorations sections.

A selection of analysis options for grade control

  • Moisture, bulk density, specific gravity, and particle size distribution 
  • Gold and other precious metal analysis (fire assay, PhotonAssay, BLEG, LeachwellTM).
  • Carbon and sulphur analysis
  • Loss on ignition
  • Acid digestion or fusion plus analytical instrumentation for multi-element suite analysis (AAS, XRF, ICP-AES).
  • Davis Tube Recovery and magnetic susceptibility for iron ore.
  • Classical wet chemistry techniques as required.

Mill Monitoring

ALS understands the importance of providing critical operational data to optimise mining and mineral processing production. As a value add-on to our analyses, we offer the Process Control AlertsTM service within Webtrieve for ALS Mine Site clients, which allows plant managers and operators to receive SMS and/or email alerts when a routine analytical control returns out of bounds results. This information is also available via the ALS Geochemistry App and can help quickly identify low recovery in the cyclone overflow, or excess metals in tailings or treated water discharge to improve your processes. 

Mill monitoring analysis

  • Gold in cyanide liquors 
  • Gold captured on activated carbon
  • Multi-element analysis
  • Moisture, bulk density, specific gravity, and particle size distribution 
  • Loss on ignition
  • Carbon and sulphur analysis
  • pH and dissolved oxygen

Umpire & Bullion Analysis

A mine in development or production needs a specialised set of analyses for mine products. These include geochemical methods designed for concentrates and high-grade samples; and those used to monitor process metallurgy and umpire assay of bulk concentrates.

Umpire and bullion analysis

High accuracy and precision analysis is needed for umpire and bullion analysis. All control assays are analysed in duplicate at a minimum and include analytical proofs to assure quality.

Supporting Services for Metallurgical, Environmental, & Industrial Analysis

ALS's world-class analytical geochemistry, metallurgical, environmental, and industrial testing knowledge is delivered on site, providing the convenience of continuous analytical support without compromise.

Auxiliary supporting services:

  • Metallurgical test-work for process optimisation
  • Advanced mineralogy technologies
  • Commercial settlement analysis
  • Inspection of concentrate, cathode, or doré bullion
  • Environmental analysis for water, soil, and tailings
  • Oil condition monitoring for the mining fleet.

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Core services

ALS Core Services encompasses warehouse management, core sawing & sampling, photography, hyperspectral imaging, and CoreViewer™.

Generative exploration underlay

Generative exploration analysis

ALS offers low level detection methods suitable for exploration which allow for background characterisation and improved anomaly identification.

Precious metal analysis

Precious metal analysis

ALS offers a large range of method used for precious metals analysis of samples of various concentrations.

Bulk commodity underlay

Targeted exploration analysis

ALS offers methods for base metals, bulk commodities (iron ore and aluminium bauxite), energy minerals, battery minerals and industrial minerals.