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Advanced oil analysis

ALS provides a wide range of advanced oil analysis

Our network of accredited laboratories provides elevated testing beyond routine test packages, which supports critical applications and troubleshooting. This allows customers to delve deeper, and receive additional information about a particular sample.

A scientist is pouring a golden liquid into a tube for research.

Specialised tests for transformers, turbines & more

Specialised tests that focus on industry segments such as turbine and power generation, offshore drilling, transformers, heat transfer fluids, and others, give our clients an advanced level of service that is also cost effective. We can perform testing such as wear debris analysis, varnish potential, RPVOT, water separability, foaming tendency, grease analysis, compatibility testing when doing product changeovers in lubricating systems, and others. 

Advanced testing can be provided as a one-off requirement or incorporated into more advanced test packages for scheduled intervals. 


ALS is your one stop testing service provider for all phases of a well-designed reliability program. 

We partner with other reliability service providers by delivering complementary data. Our support staff works with engineering design and lubrication specialists to provide excellence in evaluation of data and equipment conditions. ALS has a global network of testing laboratories that include specialized applications for advanced testing, enabling inspection of lubricant formulation performance and high-tolerance applications. Advanced testing services include support from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Special testing programs can be established for specific client needs.