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Industrial applications

Maximise industrial asset reliability

Testing of in-service lubricants for industrial applications provides an extra layer of asset-condition monitoring that complements other plant and operational maintenance practices. ALS provides a wide range of industrial application test packages for monitoring your equipment health and reliability and fluid condition. ALS has specific testing protocols and knowledgeable staff that can analyse and evaluate samples from lubrication systems for various assets and components. Industry sectors we service include mill operations, energy generation, manufacturing, construction, mining, and marine operations. We monitor wear metals, contaminants, and lubricant service life with our testing protocols.

A large industrial facility produces large rolls of paper on a specialized piece of machinery.

value added services

Data management

If well planned and executed, oil analysis will allow the maintenance department of your company to have an early-warning system that supports scheduled maintenance activities, helping to eliminate unplanned downtime. ALS provides standard and customised management reports, which allows management the high-level view needed to support scheduled maintenance activities and avoid business interruption. When you choose our data management service, you will work closely with the ALS team. We can effectively train and guide you on how to manage the data we provide through our oil analysis service.

ROI tools 

Within an industrial environmental production and maintenance application, managers are tasked with keeping equipment running with minimal downtime. The ultimate objective of any maintenance program is to improve equipment reliability. To support our clients’ understanding of how oil analysis can play a vital role in equipment reliability, ALS has developed a proprietary ROI tool that can reveal the financial benefits of oil analysis. The tool is not only useful for existing customers, but it can also provide a business case for starting an oil analysis program.