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Metal & metal speciation analysis of groundwater

Analysis of metals & metals speciation of groundwater

Elevated concentrations of metals, and in particular heavy metals, in groundwater is a characteristic result of human activities. While there can be numerous sources of contaminations, elevated levels are typically found in the vicinity of mines, landfills or industries producing or using metals or metal compounds in their processes.

Certain metals like arsenic can be found in higher concentration in groundwater as a result of contamination from hydrothermal water, and certain minerals containing arsenic, and are thus classified as naturally occurring.


Analysis of metals

The offering of metal analysis from our laboratories ranges from single metals to a screening analysis of up to 70 metals at the same time. Testing is performed in accredited laboratories and follows international as well as local standards e.g., EPA 200.7 and EPA 200.8.

Depending on the project, laboratories within the network will adapt digestion methods to provide total or dissolved concentrations.

To enable clients to get a better understanding of toxicity, mobility and bioavailability of certain metals, ALS offer metal speciation.


Analysis provided by ALS includes
  • Single metals
  • Screening analysis (70 metals)
  • Metal speciation (mercury, selenium, tin and arsenic)
  • Industry specific packages (e.g., mining packages)
  • Regulatory packages according to national EPA's
  • Client or project specific suites.
  • Platinum Group Elements, PGE
  • Rare Earth Metals
  • Technology Critical Elements, TCE




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