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PFAS in drinking water

Testing of general chemistry parameters in drinking water

PFAS are a persistent organic pollutant with known toxicity. There are numerous sources of origin for PFAS such as water/stain-resistant products, inks, cosmetics, and even fast-food wrappers. ALS has been testing for complex suites of PFAS analytes globally with accredited methods for decades. What started out as PFOS and PFOA has steadily grown into more than 40 compounds of interest as PFAS regulation and knowledge of their precursors and degradation processes increases. 

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Test methods for PFAS 

The first method available for testing PFAS in drinking water was EPA method 537. With the increased need to identify additional PFAS, EPA method 533 was developed and lately, EPA method 1633 has been launched as an overarching method for PFAS. ALS offers accredited testing in accordance with the above-mentioned methods plus other less used methods as required by clients. 




EnviroMail 110 Identifying Hidden PFAS Chemicals in Environmental Samples and Firefighting Foams