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Mine site operations

Lab design, build & operation

ALS offers full-service design, installation, and operation of dedicated site laboratories that cater to the specific needs of each project. Partnering with us on a mine site laboratory provides peace of mind that design, commissioning, and daily laboratory production will be completed to the high standards characteristic of all ALS operations, irrespective of remoteness.


Mine site analysis

From mill monitoring to grade control analysis, ALS can provide mine site analytical services that are tailored to fit the needs of the project and ore type. Using equipment that is consistent with our commercial laboratories ensures highly accurate and precise analysis anywhere in the world.


Environmental characterisation

ALS offers environmental testing for the mining industry which can have a wide variety of effects on the environment. From characterising ore and waste for their acid rock drainage potential before mining begins to routine environmental monitoring during and after mining, ALS is a global leader in environmental analysis.


Quality control & data management system

ALS understands the value of data quality and integrity to exploration and mining companies. Our processes are designed to ensure our clients receive the best quality assay data to assist informed decision making. The ALS quality program consists of a series of checks and balances with monitoring at senior management levels. Our global laboratory information management system provides oversight and access to all processes, through numerous digital solutions such as WebtrieveTM, CoreViewerTM, ALS QCProTM, Control AlertsTM, WebtrieveTM API and Overlimit AlertTM.