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Site assessment & remediation


At ALS we have an industry leading global network of environmental laboratories to support your site assessment and remediation needs. We have extensive testing capabilities across:

With a strong focus on innovation our laboratories provide comprehensive testing to meet local and national regulations, target emerging contaminants and achieve ultra-trace levels of detection. These capabilities combined with leading data management and electronic reporting options, as well as experienced project managers, provide a high-quality ease of use solution for your site assessment and remediation project.

Our laboratories are committed to provide you a dependable turnaround with faster turnaround when you need it.

Groundwater monitoring

ALS is your project partner to support the challenges of groundwater monitoring and remediation at contaminated sites.  The accuracy of our data will assist with both the assessment of contaminant mobility across the aquifer as well as monitoring impact levels through the remediation process.  ALS is continually innovating our testing methods to miniaturise sample container requirements, improving your safety and efficiency in the field through smaller sample volume requirements.


Soil testing

ALS is proud to have worked on some of the largest and most environmentally sensitive site assessment and remediation projects on the planet. Our laboratories have the soil testing capacity to meet your project timelines from Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) through to remediation, to keep field activities moving and avoid costly delays.


Leachate testing

ALS offers a market leading range of leaching tests to support your investigations into the potential partitioning of hazardous chemicals in solid waste into the environment.  With solutions for both organic and inorganic parameters, we have the scope and capacity to meet your project needs to comply with landfill or waste characterisation regulations.

In addition, our laboratories have developed a range of specialty leaching tests targeting both metals and organic compounds. Our experienced chemists are available to discuss specific needs and develop bespoke tests on request.


Vapour intrusion

Throughout the world, ALS laboratories offer a wide variety of analyses, analytes, and sampling media. Clients have the option to pick from an extensive list of compounds, and the laboratory will provide sampling media to fulfil local or regional requirements.

Analytical services are a crucial part of any investigation into unwanted contaminants entering buildings from external contamination sources. ALS is the perfect partner from initial sampling plan review to final report. All steps in the process are supported by dedicated laboratory staff, assisting professionals in the field with convenient solutions and quality data.


Marine sediment and biota

Contaminated marine sediment, including dredged material can become a major environmental problem due its potential toxic effects on biotic resources and human health. A large variety of contaminants from industrial, urban, and marine activities are associated with sediment contamination.

The testing of biota (plants and animals) for pollutants or chemicals often forms an important part of environmental projects. This is especially true when evaluating how pollutants are accumulated in the food chain or looking for evidence of short- or long-range transport of potential contamination.

ALS has long been a world leader in the analysis of marine sediment and biota, assisting clients in the comparison of data to national and international guidelines.