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Human repeat insult patch testing

Patch testing with ALS

There are many different patch types studies used for assessing the safety of topical products. ALS is a leading source of shared human repeat insult patch tests (HRIPT), as well as primary irritation, and cumulative irritation tests. Whether you are looking for simple safety test on 50 subjects, or an FDA filing requiring 200, ALS is ready to assist you.

The reliable choice 

ALS has multiple sites for conducting our shared HRIPT panels located in the USA and Latin America that allow us to build a robust recruitment pipeline and insulate our clients from pandemic related delays. ALS has the most organized reporting system, allowing us to issue reports within three days of the competition of our panels, where competitors take several weeks.

Quality testing. Quality results.

ALS is the number one provider of HRIPT for personal care, OTC drug, and topical medical devices in the USA. Repeat Insult Patch Testing (HRIPT) is the personal care industry’s standard safety test for cosmetic, OTC drug, and topical medical devices. HRIPT is a patch test conducted over six weeks where human subjects have patches containing test products applied to the back to identify irritation or allergy response. Our shared HRIPT take place every week and results are reported out within three days of completion of the study. Dermatologist reviewed and dermatologist tested claims are included on all panels. Sensitive skin subjects are also available on panels that start monthly.

Cumulative Irritation

Cumulative irritation (CI) is an exaggerated patch test to help identify irritation potential of different formulations. ALS offers standard 5, 7, 14, and 21-day cumulative irritation panels performed in the USA or Latin America.

Primary Irritation 

ALS offers Primary Irritation concurrent with our normal HRIPT panel schedule. Primary irritation is a single 48-hour exposure patch test on 50, 100, or 200 human subjects.

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