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Why metal speciation?

The toxicity, bioavailability, and mobility of certain elements are to a large extent determined by the form in which it is present. Consequently, a metal speciation analysis can provide valuable extra information compared to traditional total concentrations.

Over the last few years, new legislation and guidelines have also started introducing threshold values for organotin compounds, inorganic arsenic, methylmercury and more.

Wide range of speciations in various matrices

ALS offers a wide range of metal speciation analyses by LC-HG-ICPMS and GC-ICP-MS. Our laboratories have more than a decade of experience in metal speciation testing and is specialised in measuring the most toxic arsenic (As), mercury (Hg), selenium (Se), and organotin (OTC) compounds.

ALS offers accredited metal speciation analyses of: 

  • Soil, sediment and sludge
  • Water
  • Biota
  • Food and feed
  • Blood, urine and serum
  • Inorganic arsenic Arsenite, arsenate, dimethylarsinate, and& monomethylarsonate
  • Methylmercury
  • Selenite & selenate
  • Organotin compounds - MBT, DBT, TBT, TTBT, MOT, DOT, TCHT, MPhT, DPhT & TPhT

By combining our cutting-edge technology, experience, and in-house research, ALS can offer you the latest in the field of metals speciation. Please read more about our metal metal speciation analyses or contact us for more information.

Tests de microbiologie

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