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Sampling & analysis of SVOC in soil, solids & biota

Semi-volatile organic compounds, SVOC, when detected in soil, solids or biota at elevated levels are a telltale sign that the samples has been contaminated by human or industrial activity.

Please contact us for local recommendations on how to sample and ship your samples.

Testing for SVOC's in soil, solids matrices & biota

The target SVOC's for testing of soil, solids and biota are typically based on the suspected contamination from a Phase 1 study.

Accredited ALS laboratories around the globe offer an extensive list of SVOC's to meet demands for even the most complex investigations.

Analyses are performed in accordance with standard methods, EPA method 8270 being a typical example. The instrument of choice for many SVOC's is GC-MS while other compounds, especially compounds developed over the last decade or decades, will require LC-MS capability. For example, modern type pesticides are best ascertained using the LC-MS.

Analysis provided by ALS includes

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L’une des contaminations les plus fréquemment trouvées dans l’environnement est liée aux produits pétroliers, qui vont des hydrocarbures légers comme le BTEX au carburant lourd utilisé comme carburant de soute.


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