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ISO 55000 & maintenance management

ALS can help our customers in the context of an asset management framework, such as ISO 55000, to help develop strategic asset management plans and equipment maintenance plans.

ALS & ISO 55000

ALS believes in reducing the total cost of ownership of our customers' facilities and has a number of services available to on-site maintenance teams. We can help them identify best inspection and maintenance practices for their site or location.

ISO 5500 and Maintenance Management

Maintenance contributes directly to the reliability and availability of assets, and to the quality of production.

We constantly monitor the condition of industrial assets, outlined by ISO 55000, which optimises the maintenance process, allows detecting failures, preventing accidents, facilitates the planning of actions, and influences opportunities for improvement of the organization.

The ISO 55000 standard also explores the importance of continuous analysis of asset data in the evaluation of results, and whether objectives are being achieved.

This can be done with predictive maintenance solutions that perform data collection and provide continuous diagnosis of asset operation.

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