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Maintenance prédictive complète

Take your predictive maintenance to the next level

ALS utilises the best sensors, communications, and artificial intelligence on a low-cost platform provides 24/7 digital supervision on a wide range of rotating fixed assets. The solution brings together all the elements needed to quickly adopt a preventive maintenance solution, including:

  • Industrial sensor
  • Mobile application
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine
  • Machine Cloud Dashboard

Partnerships to create a complete maintenance program

ALS maintains its leading position in asset integrity and reliability, continuously seeking the most effective condition monitoring techniques, enabling customers to maximize asset life while minimizing operating costs.

ALS has teamed up with cutting-edge sensor providers to offer our customers the latest in condition monitoring technology.

With our partnerships, ALS can create full-service reliability programs, combining periodic, in-service fluid analysis testing with continuous, in-line sensor data.

At ALS, we strive to maintain the lead position in asset integrity and reliability. We continuously seek the most effective oil condition monitoring techniques, enabling clients to maximise asset life and return on investment.

What is Monitored?

In addition to monitoring temperature and sound, another item picked up by our sensors is the vibration of the equipment. Vibration remains constant, but when it changes it usually signals some deterioration, and if nothing is done it can cause failure.

ALS In-line sensors provide data on:

  • Vibration, Temperature, and Noise Monitoring
  • Oil condition (typically by electrical impedance sensor) and viscosity
  • Ferrous & Non Ferrous debris monitoring in industrial oils
  • Creates rules using patterns for 'machine learning'
  • Remote hands-free monitoring
AI-assisted data monitoring

 ALS has partnered with MOVUS to offer the FitMachine EX—a condition-based maintenance solution that detects machine failures in advance using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The solution comprises an industrial intrinsically safe wireless sensor, mobile application, analytics, trending dashboards, and an artificial intelligence engine. FitMachine EX continuously monitors equipment 24/7 and learns what the normal operation of machinery is to detect any abnormalities and alert the organisation before failures occur.

Award-winning online oil condition monitoring systems

 ALS has commenced a strategic collaborative partnership with Rochester-based advanced online oil condition monitoring (OCM) solutions provider, Poseidon systems.

Poseidon Systems’ development of advanced EIS technology and integration of multiple sensors, as part of a full end-to-end Industrial IoT platform, enables true online oil condition monitoring tailored to each application.



ALS Australia Analytes and LORs Summary Excel

01 FEB 2022

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Relation renforcée d’ALS avec MOVUS

MOVUS a choisi ALS comme partenaire commercial principal pour FitMachine EX en raison de notre expertise en matière de fiabilité des actifs et de suivi de l’état des actifs dans les secteurs des actifs lourds.


 ALS s’associe à Poseidon Systems pour le OCM (suivi de l’état de l’hydrocarbure)

Cette relation renforcera notre position en tant que fournisseur leader de services de fiabilité des actifs et de suivi de l’état des actifs et accélérera la pénétration de la solution OCM en ligne de Poseidon Systems à l’échelle mondiale.