SUMMA Canister Rental and TO-15 Analysis

Stress-free air sampling: Get the SUMMA canisters and analysis you need, fast.

Over 4000 canisters and expert TO-15 services ensure your projects stay on schedule, no matter the size or complexity.

Laboratories built to deliver quicker results

Demand for sampling supplies and TO-15 analysis is high during the spring and fall seasons, especially for vapor intrusion projects.

Get your results quicker with ALS' streamlined procedures to maximize resources during peak demand times:

  • Inventory of over 4000 canisters available to clients
  • Bottle-Vacs™ and Tedlar bags available as alternatives to summa canisters
  • 3 laboratories across the US able to perform certified TO-15 analysis
  • 13 dedicated instruments for TO-15 analysis
  • 18 ovens for cleaning of canisters
  • TO-17 using thermal desorption offered as an alternative


What we offer:

62+ compounds reported, Air testing certified in most states through our nationwide laboratory network.

Reporting limits between 0.5 and 5.0 μg/m3 for TO-15. Based on a 1L sample volume from a 6L summa canister.

3 Laboratories across the US, including a dedicated air laboratory with minimal use of solvents in operations to reduce potential contamination of samples.

air lab to15