ALS offers weekly HRIPT Panels

ALS understands that reporting speed can provide a crucial advantage in beating competitors to market.
As of August 2023, ALS will offer Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) services on a weekly basis.

All HRIPT reports include a dermatologist-tested signature as part of our value-added service, increasing your products' marketability.

More Frequent HRIPTs for a Competitive Edge

  • Three HRIPT panels starts per month on individuals with normal skin (50 subject panel);
  • One HRIPT panel start per month for individuals with sensitive skin (50 subject panel);  
  • Weekly panels lead to faster product testing and shorter turnaround time than most other testing facilities;
  • Dermatologist signature on all HRIPT reports as part of our value-added service.

Current HRIPT Panel Schedule

Group Patch Samples Due By Type of skin PI* Final Report HRIPT Final Report

* Primary Irritation


ALS: Your Partner for HRIPT Testing

Weekly HRIPT panels will assist customers who are looking for the Seal of Acceptance from the Eczema Association as they have increased requirements to include both normal and sensitive skin subjects in the HRIPTs (100 subjects with 50 subjects from each classification).

ALS is an industry leader in cosmetic products’ safety and efficacy testing. We strive to work with our clients from beginning to end to design and deliver custom-tailored studies to meet their needs, including the flexibility to conduct different Safety-in-use studies, PATCH TESTS (e.g., primary and cumulative irritation) and HRIPT protocols (Modified Draize and Jordan-King procedures).

In addition to clinical services, ALS is a full-service contract testing organization. We offer analytical chemistry, hair swatch studies, microbiology, stability, and toxicology studies as a one-stop shop.