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Analytical services

Analytical testing

Our Analytical Services support initial analytical development from clinical batches through to higher volume quality control testing post-commercialization. ALS laboratories are equipped to support physical, chemical, and analytical testing needs across the entirety of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. In addition, our analytical services underpin risk management and product development activity through Technical Projects & Contaminants Screening.


Microbiological testing

Sterile and non-sterile microbiological testing services parallel our broad range of analytical services, which, in combination, help to consolidate service providers and more easily manage Quality Control Testing outsourcing. Our teams have vast expertise across healthcare industries and are proactive in highlighting microbiological risks within manufacturing environments and their end products.


Stability studies

Stability studies demonstrate product quality throughout its lifecycle under a variety of conditions that emulate different climatic zones. ALS has significant storage capacities and a complete range of storage conditions supporting both API and finished product manufacturers. Analytical and microbiological testing laboratories are well positioned to support periodic testing where required.