Wellvention saves the day in Oman for BP

Wellvention saves the day in Oman for BP

Posted 12 November 2013
During an operation to change out a hydraulic upper master valve on a well, the fishing neck on the BPV prong was sheared. The operator, realising the need for a specialised tool to pull the remainder of the prong, reached out to a couple of local companies for help in designing and manufacturing a solution. 2 months later there was still no solution to retrieve the prong.

At this point, the operator approached Wellvention for assistance. Within 5 days Wellvention had sent the client 5 possible tools to use for the operation.

“Within 3 days of receiving the tools and Wellvention tool specialist the prong was successfully pulled. This has allowed us to change the Xmas tree that was damaged and put the well back on production,” explained the BP Well Intervention/Integrity Team Leader.

Expert understanding of the challenges of the well and the ability to respond to customer needs quickly, allowed BP to resume production.

Just another example of the benefits of dealing with the Well Intervention specialists.

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