Elk River West Virginia Spill Response

Elk River West Virginia Spill Response

Posted 19 January 2014
ALS developed the capability to analyze water and soils for 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol (MCHM), the compound that was leaked into the Elk River in Charleston, WV.

Our method utilizes GC/FID and our Reporting Limit (RL) is 0.05 ug/ml or 0.05 ppm utilizing a Liquid/liquid extraction (ppm). Any detection above our RL is confirmed utilizing GC/MS.

Additionally, we can now analyze MCHM by GC/MS and can report down to an RL of 0.01 ug/ml or 0.01 parts per million. The method employed is SW 846 8270 following the extraction by method 3510.

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