UK Inspection Hub Lab Upgrade

UK Inspection Hub Lab Upgrade

Posted 13 July 2017

World leading party and umpire analysis laboratory

The recently upgraded state-of-art laboratory will bring you:

Faster & more consistent Turnaround Time

Accurate and Precise Results

Excellent Customer Service

ALS would love to share with you the results of signicant investment in upgrading our world-leading inspection and umpire laboratory in Liverpool. If you would like a tour, you can contact your ALS customer service representative, or sent an email directly to our Commercial Manager below.

Your trusted Service Provider in Minerals and Metals Industry


» X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
» Fire Assay
» Titration
» Electrolysis
» Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
» Elemental Analysers 
» Combustion Ion Chromatography System
» LOI Analyser 
» Balances and Weighing
» Sample Preparation

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