Consolidation of global metallurgy services

Consolidation of global metallurgy services

Posted 24 October 2017
In an effort to further optimise the service offering to our client base via concentration of expertise and equipment, and to achieve economies of scale and thereby cost base synergies, a decision was taken to cease operations of the ALS Santiago metallurgy business in March, 2017.

This decision has not been taken lightly given the excellent reputation of the Santiago business, however it was considered the most viable option given current market conditions.

Consolidation of global metallurgy services The Santiago metallurgy facility effectively ceased operating as April 1, 2017, with equipment and ongoing test work transferring to Perth and Kamloops. Other ALS laboratories specialising in geochemistry, inspection, environmental, and oil, fuel & coolant analysis continue to operate from Colina locations in Santiago.

ALS understands that service continuity is critical consideration and has devised a program to ensure that a seamless transition is undertaken. Current purchase orders and service agreements will transition to Perth and Kamloops – the only change being the delivery address for samples. Technical contacts will be reconnected on a project by project basis.

Should you require any clarification of the process or the rationale, please do not hesitate to contact either of the following people:

Robert Sloan
VP Metallurgy, Americas

Hamid Sheriff
Group General Manager Metallurgy

We value your business and will continue to provide an excellent service to you in the provisions of metallurgical testwork.

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