FoodMail 007 - Faster pathogen identification with MALDI-TOF MS

FoodMail 007 - Faster pathogen identification with MALDI-TOF MS

Posted 26 February 2018
NATA accredited MALDI-TOF MS (Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry) saves time, money and reputation.
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MALDI-TOF MS for fast identification of presumptive isolates

Using NATA accredited MALDI-TOF MS procedures now available from ALS, the turnaround time for confirming a presumptive result has been reduced.
MALDI-TOF uses Mass Spectrometry to measure a unique molecular fingerprint of an organism. Specifically, it identifies highly abundant biomolecules that are found in all microorganisms. The  characteristic patterns of these molecules are matched against an extensive open data base comprising of individual strains of micro-organisms to identify the organism to the species level.

Listeria Identification now NATA accredited at ALS

Last year ALS reduced the turnaround of confirming a Salmonella presumptive by 3 days using the MALDI-TOF MS platform.

ALS is proud to announce the NATA accreditation for Listeria identification by MALDI-TOF MS continuing its commitment to embrace technology in order to deliver quality results quicker. Turnaround times for the confirmation of a Listeria presumptive have been reduced by up to 5 days.

ALS will continue to add to this list of MALDI-TOF pathogen identifications and are currently working on Campylobacter.

Should you wish to find out more about how ALS can reduce your turnaround times or improve your testing in general, please contact us.

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