Track your samples with the new ALS Geochemistry App

Track your samples with the new ALS Geochemistry App

Posted 11 June 2019
Track samples submitted for geochemical analysis using the new ALS App.

The Overlimit Alert™ highlights any sample that has triggered an over-limit assay to enable rapid review of the data for decision making results.

The Process Control Alert™ tool is featured within the App — receive a SMS and/or email alert if a routine analytical control result falls out of bounds to quickly address the situation.

New geochemistry app

Key features:

  • Secure access to sample workorder information, geochemical results and mine control data.
  • Dashboard indicating number of workorders analysed with progress breakdown, and alerts on workorders with overlimit assays.
  • Detailed progress tracking for individual workorders in the lab.
  • Analyte selector to view geochemical results with overlimit assays highlighted.
  • Process Control Alert™ where user-defined graphical and alert limits can be set up to monitor grade control, mill processing, and environmental samples analysed by ALS.
  • Lab locator with contact information.
  • Access to ALS Geochemistry Schedule of Services and Fees.
  • Browser-based Webtrieve™ and Android/iOS app capability.

Ask your preferred ALS contact for information on setting up Process Control Alerts™

Download the App: 

GooglePlay AppStore


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