ALS Acquires BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.

ALS Acquires BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.

Posted 10 March 2019
ALS Acquires BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.

The long-term vision of ALS includes acquisition and advancement in the pharmaceutical sector. In a move that falls in line with the current UK strategy focus on supply chain services for over-the-counter and prescribed pharmaceuticals, ALS acquired BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.—a pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device analytical testing company. With locations in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona, BioScreen brings a diverse set of services and capabilities to the ALS brand with major cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical clients across the globe.


Since its inception in 1985, BioScreen has pioneered clinical, microbiological, analytical chemistry and human clinical testing offerings. BioScreen is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and is ISO 9001 certified, as well as certified to test drinking water. As a game-changer in the pharmaceutical industry with over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, lotions and cosmetics, BioScreen’s clients include major pharmaceutical and consumer product companies.


BioScreen, through the ALS USA platform, will expand under the supervision of its current EVP, Ranil Fernando, who will assume the role of General Manager. Ranil Fernando commented on the acquisition stating, “ALS’ acquisition of BioScreen provides an immense opportunity for growth for the business and unique services to the clients. With the backing and stability of one of the world’s leading testing companies, BioScreen customers will benefit from improved services, products and innovation. Similarly, the experience and relationships that we have cultivated at BioScreen will enable us to deliver one of the most unique testing models within the United States.”  


In addition, ALS is eager to embrace a talent force of more than 110 highly qualified individuals plus a leadership team with more than 80 years of combined experience in the clinical,analytical chemistry microbiology testing business. This includes key-players such as, Operations Director Wendy Chang, Clinical Director Rania Ibrahim Ph.D., Director of Sales and Marketing Adam Rope, QA Director Eileen Camacho and Technical Director Mitchell Herbel Ph.D.


The acquisition of BioScreen supports plans for growth and maintains ALS’ position as the global testing provider of choice for those requiring multi-channel testing services. ALS welcomes the BioScreen team and the role they will play in our continued path to success.


Prina Spillane
Group M&A Manager
ALS Limited

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