eSource 117 ALS Return on Investment Calculator Tool

eSource 117 ALS Return on Investment Calculator Tool

Posted 11 July 2019
ALS Tribology has designed a Return on Investment Calculator (RoI) that provides meaningful information on the true cost benefits of using in-service fluids testing to optimize asset reliability and mitigate potential failures.

This is an excellent tool for measuring the value of a well-managed in-service fluids analysis program as it allows the program to be viewed in terms of money saved as opposed to just another operational expense.

The cost of running the program is compared to the ultimate cost of not running the program based on likelihood and consequence of failure. Other cost benefits such as optimizing drain intervals, warranty support and improved resale value are incorporated into the calculation if relevant.

Data is collected one-on-one with our customer to identify specific variables related to the true cost of testing and asset failure cost avoidance. This tool is designed for industrial, rolling stock, and over the road applications to track performance of reliability practices through in-service fluids analysis. A summary report is provided, as well as reporting on the details used to calculate RoI.

Whether a customer is new to testing in-service lubricants and wishes to understand benefits, or existing customers wish to measure the success of their return on investment, ALS Tribology’s technical and account service team will work directly with equipment owners, management, and maintenance personnel to provide assistance for establishing measurables and calculate Return on Investment and Reliability Cost Avoidance. Contact ALS Tribology for further information. 

Written By:

David Doyle, CLS, OMA I, OMA II
Key Accounts and Special Projects
ALS Tribology


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