Jacobs Delivers Quality Service to Clients by Using ALS Compass for Field Sampling Projects

Jacobs Delivers Quality Service to Clients by Using ALS Compass for Field Sampling Projects

Posted 08 October 2019

The Client

Jacobs is an international technical professional services firm. They provide technical, professional and construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for a broad range of clients globally.

The Challenge

Jacobs was looking to deliver better value to their clients and with an insatiable curiosity about transformative products, was pleased to partner with ALS to trial the ALS Compass app on their field sampling projects in Queensland.

The Solution

ALS Compass is a sampling intelligence that integrates complete data management from planning through to results. Jacobs was able to streamline their field sampling process by utilising ALS Compass. It made data management seamless across sample planning, field work, COC management and analysis. “We found the ALS Compass app extremely easy to get up and running. ALS staff were helpful in explaining the installation and basics and answering our questions. We were immediately confident after a test, and successfully used 600+ ALS Compass bottles on our next project.”

The Results

ALS Compass saved Jacobs valuable time in the field by not having to record sample information on sample bottles or COCs. “There was no need to worry about dirt or water damage to paper records.” Jacobs also found that ALS Compass was proficient in helping to produce error free outputs that preserve data integrity. “The ALS Compass app allows for the .csv upload of sampling locations prior to the start of field work. It provides a useful check between samples collected and the sampling plan, to minimise the risk of sampling mistakes or errors in the field.”

The Future

Jacobs will continue to use ALS Compass for their field sampling work, including contaminated land, soil, groundwater and soil vapour monitoring projects. ALS looks forward to assisting Jacobs with all their future projects and helping them achieve their goal of turning challenges into greater opportunities.

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