ALS environmental laboratories in Canada classified as essential services

ALS environmental laboratories in Canada classified as essential services

Posted 30 March 2020
Due to the crucial role we play in the improvement and continuance of the health, safety and welfare of the public, ALS is considered an essential business and will remain open and fully-operational to serve you during this time.

ALS is an essential business

ALS environmental sites in Canada have been deemed providers of essential services and are being called upon during this unprecedented pandemic to maintain our role in analytical testing for the greater good of all Canadians. We are very proud of the expertise and work carried out by our team in the provision of these critical services related to drinking water, food supply, wastewater and additional testing scopes.

Safety continues to be our top priority!

We will protect our people and community as the intent to stop COVID-19 transmission through reduced person-to-person exposure risk. We are committed to this and are confident in our broad and comprehensive local and global approach to our managing our operations to mitigate risk as outlined in our earlier communications.

We’ll continue to evaluate our processes as this dynamic situation evolves and communicate any changes in the day-to-day operations at ALS. Learn more about our three-stage approach to our planning which can be summarized as 'Prevention, Restriction, and Continuity'.

While these are challenging times, we are all in this together. We urge you to do all you can to remain safe and healthy.

Take great care,
The ALS team

ALS operational status and the new way of operating to keep us all safer

The ALS Canada Environmental division is maintaining full business continuity plans plus our risk management framework to protect our people and clients from COVID-19.
We are of course following all government guidance as a minimum standard, and in many cases our controls are more stringent as is appropriate for an essential services provider. Key in our plan are our physical distancing disciplines, significant cleaning and operational controls, site monitoring, regular communication and global sharing. Pleasingly, across all sites and operations in Canada (more than 20), we are yet to have any person report positive for COVID-19.

Guidelines for all client-facing staff on visitation of your sites

We have guidelines in place for all client-facing staff on visitation of your sites including physical distancing in vehicles, plus prior discussion of safety controls. In addition, we have set a preference for using video meetings vs. face-to-face contact where at all possible to reduce risk and welcome your support of this approach.

What ALS changes may affect you as government controls ease?

When entering our laboratories for meetings you will still be asked a series of questions around COVID-19 symptoms, contact with people tested positive to COVID-19 and any recent travel. You will also be asked to undergo temperature screening. We trust that you support these steps to help reduce community transmission and protect our clients, suppliers and our team.

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