Why Put Your Certification Services Out To Bid?

Why Put Your Certification Services Out To Bid?

Posted 29 August 2019
Failing to evaluate the market for certification service providers could be a costly mistake for your company, causing you to spend too much for certification while getting inadequate service.

Sending your certification services to bid using requests for proposals (RFPs) provides a lot of benefits to you. It’s important, even with certification services, to make sure that vendors are delivering competitive pricing along with favorable service levels.

As more service providers gain ANSI accreditation, a periodic re-bid of existing contracts can be a good way to see competitive costs, service levels, and technological tools in this area.

Here are some other ways to make sure your organization is able to negotiate a competitive contract for the services you need.

  • Leverage internal resources
    Product engineers or regulatory managers do not have to handle this re-bidding process on their own. Analysts from finance and internal procurement professionals can assist in creating a bidding process that will yield the best services for a competitive price.
  • Know what you want and need
    Cost is not always the driver for certification service contracts. Flexibility, responsiveness and technology offerings are always changing. Companies can look for the best value, service and responsiveness from their certification provider.
  • Don't let size limit options
    While the largest companies with the biggest budgets are likely to get more attention, small and midsize companies can look for better deals too. ALS-Truesdail provides great pricing coupled with outstanding service.
  • Get it in writing
    Contract terms can cover a vendor's commitment to review and share aggregate statistics, describe the technology that will be available, and project turnaround times.

When asking for financial terms, ask for metrics not just on the prices but on service performance including what is measured, how often its measured and what will be the remedies if they do not meet those metrics.

About ALS-Truesdail

The ALS-Truesdail certification experience aims to take the complication out of compliance. ALS-Truesdail provides responsive client centered service and short turnaround time. With ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation from both ANSI and SCC, ALS-Truesdail Laboratories is qualified to evaluate and certify products manufactured or distributed in the United States and Canada according to ANSI/NSF 60, 61, 372, or EPA WaterSense.

Contact Soncea McCann, Program Manager of Product Certification, from ALS-Truesdail to learn why companies trust us with certifying their products and how you can decrease your annual certification costs.

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