New Technology Delivers Superior Mineralogical Results

New Technology Delivers Superior Mineralogical Results

Posted 24 September 2019
ALS Kamloops partners new innovative technology purchases with the experience of expert mineralogical staff to deliver fast high quality services for your project requirements.

High Quality Mineralogical Services

ALS Kamloops recently purchased two Tescan Tima Vega-3 LMH/GMH Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) from AuTec Innovative Extractive Solutions. This technology provides a higher resolution capability, and can detect gold and silver grains as fine as 1µm in diameter.

The Tima Vega-3 GMH SEM is also equipped with Oxford EDS, wavelength spectrometer and cathodoluminescence detectors. The combined energy and wavelength microanalyses allows for measurement of low level elemental concentrations within mineral grains, which is particularly useful for confirming the presence of deleterious elements concentrations.

These recent additions augment our two current QEMSCAN SEMs and Bruker XRD to provide a wide range of automated mineralogical analyses. Coupled with our experienced mineralogy staff, ALS has the right capability to provide timely, high quality mineralogical services for your project requirements.

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