eSource 122 Benefits of PQI Testing

eSource 122 Benefits of PQI Testing

Posted 05 December 2019
The following report and picture is from a reduction gear used in a mining application. The time on the component was 3860 hours, and time on the oil was 300 hours. Sample frequency is every 1 – 2 months.

Review the test report below and note the increase in Iron from 1 to 94 ppm. Without the PQI test, this sample would have been diagnosed as an increase in iron noted with possible gear, bearing and/or shaft wear indicated; and recommending close monitoring with a request to resample the unit at a reduced interval. With the PQI result, it is obvious that the component is in a highly advanced state of accelerated wear. The extremely high PQI result also mandated that the lab perform a filter patch analysis on the sample that revealed a heavy amount of ferrous wear particles present (note diagnosis commentary on report).

PQI Test Report
Damaged Machinery

The maintenance department that received these results back immediately ordered the component shut down and inspected for the source of the wear particles being generated. Unfortunately, the maintenance orders were ignored and the component was left to continue to operate. See the outcome in the picture above. Had the component been shut down when the sample report was received, the unit may have been saved from eminent failure.

Written By:

Edward F Eckert, CLS, OMA I
Diagnostics Manager, Tribology
North America


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