EnviroMail™ 129 - Digital platforms for clients

EnviroMail™ 129 - Digital platforms for clients

Posted 23 June 2020
ALS Australia provides environmental clients with two digital platforms that allow access to data and support ease-of-use interaction with the laboratory.

ALS Compass & ALS Webtrieve

The ALS Compass mobile application and ALS Webtrieve web portal complement the service provided by the Client Service teams to support your project and regulatory requirements.
Both platforms are proprietary products that link into the ALS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which is used to process samples in the laboratory.

ALS Compass

The app provides advanced functionality to support your field activities and digitise workflows.

The app is a sampling intelligence that integrates data management from planning through to results. Using ALS Compass will help to improve your efficiency in the field, improve quality through eliminating data transcription and ultimately improve project delivery. 

Key features of the ALS Compass field application are;

  • Sampling can be planned at any time in the app.
  • Built-in checks and balances ensure all samples are taken and nothing is missed.
  • ALS quotation documents available directly from the app.
  • Sampling containers include barcode identity.
  • No more handwriting on sample bottles.
  • Automatic creation of COC documentation.
  • Managers can check submissions remotely before they are submitted to ALS.
  • GPS locator (optional) with the option for photos and sample meta data adds to a more complete story around capturing the sampling event.

Download the app

ALS Compass is available to all clients and is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms (available for download on the App Store and Google Play).


ALS Webtrieve

Webtrieve is a web-based platform that provides access to results and information for work orders currently being processed or previously tested by the laboratory.

A unique username and password provide you with a secure gateway to projects for you, your office, or your company nationally (as appropriate and dependant on how your access has been configured following company authorisation). 

Functionality on the ALS Webtrieve platform includes;

  • Search for work orders and results
  • Access and the ability to download historical reports
    Chain of custody  Sample receipt notification
    Certificates of analysis  Quality control reports
    Electronic data deliverables  Invoices
  • Follow work order progress
  • Get real-time access to your results
  • Trending tools for your data
    (including export functionality to Microsoft Excel)
  • Apply guidelines to results
    (both external regulatory and in-house developed)

ALS Webtrieve is available to all clients and can be accessed at lifescienceswebtrieve.alsglobal.com or via the ALS website alsglobal.com/webtrieve

Online registration

The ALS Compass and ALS Webtrieve platforms provide digital functionality to support ease of use workflow interactions with the laboratory.

Both platforms are available through a simple registration process and are intuitive to use.

ALS Compass – register your interest online.

Or contact your local client service representative to establish your user account and any required support to go-live.

ALS Webtrieve – new user registration online.

Please refer to the following brief user registration and guide, or alternatively contact your local client service representative to establish your user account and any required support to go-live.

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