Drinking water analysis process

Ensuring your standards are met (WF Test 3)

ALS offers full-service drinking water testing services at laboratories throughout the world.

Our experienced staff has the required expertise to provide testing of drinking water for an extensive list of metals, inorganic and organic compounds and microbiological parameters. We have instrumentation dedicated to drinking water testing, and test for all the regulated and non-regulated compounds of concern.

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The ALS difference Test WF 3

Our commitment to the provision of safe and clean drinking water is unwavering. The number of municipalities, utilities, and drinking water companies that choose ALS demonstrates our position as one of the leading drinking water analysis suppliers in the world today. Our accredited laboratories are specifically designed for drinking water chemistry and microbiological analysis, utilising automation, sample tracking and the latest analytical methods and techniques.

ALS is accredited under various national and local programs. Methods and accreditations may vary depending on ALS location.

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