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Ambient & indoor air analysis

Ambient & indoor air monitoring

The quality of ambient and indoor air, the air we breathe outside, at home, or at work, can have a significant impact on health. Monitoring of ambient air to ensure no harmful chemicals or particles are present is of paramount importance to ensure workers safety and to comply with regulations. Homeowners may also want to have assurance that their indoor air is not having a negative impact on their health.

Some air pollutants are evident by odour, and some can even be visible. However, there are many harmful, airborne pollutants that are not easily detectable. For these pollutants, an air quality test is recommended. A handheld instrument or direct-reading equipment may be the first approach to determine what type of air analysis may be appropriate. Based on this information an air quality testing lab can help determine what pollutants may be present and in what concentrations, as well as offer options on the best ways to test air quality for your concerns.


The ALS difference

Our laboratories offer a wide range of accredited tests and sampling media. Depending on the target compound, sampling media can be a passive sampler, an active sampler coupled with a pump, or a canister or bottle vac.

From some of our laboratories clients have the choice to rent pumps if needed for sampling. For convenience, simple tutorials on how to use the pumps and media are available on-line.

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Quality Testing. Quality Results.

Our chemists will assist clients with tailored monitoring programs and supply sample media for every individual target compound. ALS offers analysis, sampling tubes, filters, canisters, and passive samplers for an extensive list of contaminants.

Meeting your specific needs

Whether you are a professional occupational hygienist, responsible for health and safety at work, or a homeowner, staff will work with you to provide a solution to your needs. We provide complete solutions including analysis, sampling media, pumps and sampling instructions.

Typical target compounds requested by clients include:

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Global monitoring of data

Follow the trends

Follow or apply guidelines to analytical data and trend the results from your control programs in our client portals.