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Vapour intrusion testing

Subsurface vapour intrusion to indoor air

Recently, subsurface vapour intrusion has become a topic of particular interest. There has been an increased recognition of vapour intrusion as an important exposure pathway, and a greater emphasis on the remediation of contaminated sites that introduce harmful substances into indoor air.

Testes de intrusão de vapor

The ALS difference

Our laboratories provide analytical approaches and reporting limits suitable for all soil vapor projects. ALS employs several highly trained analysts that can perform EPA Method TO-15 by GC/MS in Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM) mode to provide results in parts per trillion levels for client-specific compound lists.

Leak testing your soil vapour well is a recommended practice in many regions. This is done by applying a tracer compound when collecting soil vapour samples to ensure that the well has been constructed and sealed correctly. ALS can support analysis of common tracer compounds such as helium, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), and other VOCs as needed.

Our inventory of canisters and bottle vacs is something that sets ALS apart from most of our competitors. Our main air laboratories will stock thousands of canisters and flowcontrollers (both short term and Time Weighted Average – TWA) to be available for rental at any time of the year.

Canisters will be certified clean using either a batch certification (at no additional cost) or individual canister certification (for a fee) depending on client's needs.

ALS has also developed and introduced a new non-intrusive sampling technique enabling sampling of floor and carpet only.

La diferenciación de ALS

Quality Testing. Quality Results.

The main air laboratories within ALS specialise in air testing and are set up to ensure background levels are kept to a minimum (i.e., no solvents used in the laboratory or testing requiring solvents kept separately from the laboratory). 

All our air laboratories are accredited to national and international standards. 

Meeting your specific needs

ALS has the analytical expertise and project management capabilities to support a variety of soil vapour intrusion projects. Our extensive list of target compounds for methods TO-15 and TO-17 can be tailored to each project. Typical target compounds requested by clients include:

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