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Analysis of soil, solid matrices & biota

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Chemical analysis

ALS provides an extensive range of tests for solid matrices (soil) and biota. We operate world class laboratory facilities to provide an environment that supports quality and accuracy, and with a scale to run large client projects.

ALS is able to cover every aspect of analytical testing for the environmental industry. Clients partner with ALS for their testing needs due to our commitment to good science and personal service, backed by a thorough and constantly improving quality management system. Whether clients are looking for inorganic parameters, metals, radiological tests, or organic pollutants ALS is the trusted provider.


Geotechnical parameters

In most cases, ALS provides geotechnical testing in support of environmental investigations. Sediment projects rely on quality data (e.g., particle size distribution and bulk density) while other projects will require parameters such as organic matter and loss on ignition, as part of their testing to build a solid remediation plan.

Environmental consultants, dredging and sediment specialists, landowners and developers have all come to rely on the quality and convenience provided by our laboratories.



ALS offer a wide array of leaching tests, covering both organic and inorganic parameters. Our standard offering covers methods stipulated in local legislations for landfill or used for waste characterisation to better determine the risk contaminated material poses to the environment when exposed to the elements.

In addition, our laboratories have developed a range of speciality leaching tests targeting both metals and organic compounds. Our experienced chemists are available to discuss specific needs and develop bespoke tests on request.

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Sample preparation

ALS stands apart from most other environmental laboratories in our ability to prepare challenging sample matrices prior to analysis without compromising sample integrity. Whether you are looking for preparations of Biota (i.e., plant or animal tissue) or looking to have concrete cores or solid waste crushed and milled to a specific grain size, ALS will provide the solution.