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Surface water

Evaluating surface water quality

At ALS we have a broad range of testing solutions for surface water, whether it be for water catchments, reservoirs, bays, seas, lakes, streams, wetlands, creeks, dams and sewer spills. Our focus is on the quality of the service provided given potential uses for water bodies in the supply of drinking water, irrigation, livestock or recreation.

In recognising a combination of increasing water scarcity or extreme weather events our ability to respond to emergency events as well as routine monitoring is unparalleled. We have the field sampling and laboratory capabilities to respond to your surface water monitoring needs to provide high quality services.

surface water sampling

Quality Results. Extensive Capacity and Disaster Management Back-up.

Our laboratories will tailor analytical suites and sampling plans to help clients assess surface water quality. At ALS quality data is supported by a focus and understanding of client's needs.

For surface water clients a comprehensive list of testing and sampling options are available, including:

Service Approach and Value Added Services.

Our clients are accustomed to receiving high quality data, technical support and communication. This approach includes dedicated client managers, skilled and qualified client services teams, access to technical experts and a management team committed to service delivery.

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