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Metals analysis

Analysis of metals and metals speciation of surface water

The concentration of metals in surface water can either be dissolved metals or total metals depending on your location. Elevated levels of metals, and in particular heavy metals, is a sign that human activity is affecting the water.

water reservoir

ALS offerings of accredited tests

Clients of ALS have access to an extensive portfolio of metals and speciated metals in water; experienced chemists using the latest technology are able to detect metal concentrations down to levels rarely accomplished in the industry.

Example of analytical services provided by ALS:
  • Individual metals
  • Bespoke project solutions
  • Metals screening of 70 individual metals
  • Organotin compounds including TBT
  • Methyl Mercury
  • Selenium, Se(IV) and Se (VI)
  • Arsenic, As (III), AS (V), MMA and DMA
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surface water

General chemistry in surface water

This group of compounds can act as reliable indicators of contamination or disturbances.


Organic compounds in surface water

Undesirable organic compounds should typically not be found in surface water unless there are sources contributing to contamination.

Water Reservoir

Microbiology in surface water

High levels of certain microbes in surface water are an indicator of possible drainage from nearby areas.