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Testing for PFAS in soil, solid matrices and biota

PFAS are a persistent organic pollutant with known toxicity. There are numerous sources of origin for PFAS such as water/stain resistant products, inks, cosmetics and even fast-food wrappers. ALS has been testing for complex suites of PFAS analytes globally with accredited methods for decades. What started out as PFOS and PFOA has steadily grown into dozens of compounds of interest as PFAS regulation and knowledge of their precursors and degradation processes increases.


Accredited PFAS testing in soil/solids and biota

ALS has new expanded test suites that reduce the risk of underestimating cumulative PFAS, and offer detection limits with most below the lowest of any global PFAS regulatory guidelines from the USA, Europe, Canada or Australia. Our laboratories applies enhanced internal laboratory segregation and controls to minimize potential false positives for PFAS, caused by cross-contamination, throughout the entire measurement process – delivering higher quality data.

Analysis provided by ALS includes:


PFAS contamination in biosolids; an emerging environmental issue

PFAS contaminating agriculture through biosolids

PFAS in biosolids is an emerging environmental issue as it is a pathway to human exposure / contamination through the reuse of biosolid in agriculture. ALS laboratories can provide comprehensive fluorine accounting in biosolids and align with the requirements of the Queensland End of Waste (EOW) code on biosolid reuse and other regulations.

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