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Identification & quantification of contaminants

Chemical Analysis is used by environmental laboratories to both identify and quantify contaminants specified by clients. For organic contaminants chromatography is the instrumentation of choice, while ICP instrumentation is used for metals and a number of instruments are used for inorganic parameters.

Even with on-going development of new instrumentation for chemical analyses, there are still many robust manual chemical methods utilized in the environmental industry to this day. ALS regularly examines all available methods of analysis to keep current on being able to provide the most accurate data possible.

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The ALS difference

All ALS laboratories aspire to uphold a higher standard than is expected. We are always looking for ways to improve our speed of delivery and our ability to measure even the lowest levels of contamination, and to provide additional value to the industries we serve. ALS finds the best practices in each lab to standardize across all our laboratories in our on-going performance optimization.

The ALS approach of standardising of the latest instrumentation across laboratories provides redundancy, allowing samples to be shipped between laboratories if required.

Newer instrumentation provides a robustness older instrumentation typically lack. Therefore, allowing both faster and more consistent run times providing an enhanced ability for timely reporting.

La diferenciación de ALS

Quality Testing. Quality Results.

The rigid quality systems adapted by all ALS laboratories provide guidelines to all aspects of laboratory work. To ensure individual staff members are correctly following the systems implemented, continuous training is provided, and internal audits are performed at regular intervals.

In addition, all laboratories and their systems are frequently assessed by both accreditation bodies and clients alike.

Meeting your specific needs

ALS laboratories provide accredited tests for all of the most common parameters requested in environmental investigations and a large number of more specialised testing as well. Should there be specific parameters currently not covered by our capabilities, experienced chemists with access to state-of-the-art equipment will work with clients to develop new methods for emerging contaminants.

Typical target compounds requested by clients include:

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