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A leader in geological logging

GeoticLog is the premium adaptive geological logging software solution. It delivers powerful flexibility to geoscientists and engineers worldwide, enabling them to capture, analyze, and visualize geological data more effectively than ever before.

geologist reviewing core data on a tablet

Geological logging simplified

GeoticLog is a comprehensive geological logging software that simplifies the complex tasks involved in drilling, exploration, and data management in the geosciences field. From facilitating effortless data input and visualizing core samples to generating detailed strip logs, GeoticLog is designed to streamline and optimize your geology workflows. It integrates seamlessly with your existing database and data management systems, providing robust, real-time data analysis that guides critical decisions.

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GeoticLog Features

User-friendly interface

GeoticLog boasts a highly intuitive interface, designed to make geological logging as simple and straightforward as possible.

Data integration

Compatible with a wide range of database systems and software. Seamlessly import data from CSV, Excel, and other common formats.

Flexible data capture fields

GeoticLog recognises that every geological study is unique, and data requirements may vary significantly from one project to another. Our flexible data capture fields allow you to customize data inputs according to your specific project needs, ensuring a more precise and efficient logging process.

AI and Machine Learning integration

In today's data-driven world, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is crucial. GeoticLog is designed to integrate with ALS GoldSpot AI and ML platforms, enabling users to forward their geological data for advanced analysis. This feature allows for predictive modeling, pattern recognition, and other sophisticated data tasks, driving more informed decision-making and optimisation of resource extraction.

Dynamic visualisation

Our software brings your data to life. Visualise logs, interpret borehole data, and create cross-sections with the simple click of a button.

Real-time analysis

Leverage the power of real-time data analysis for informed decision-making. GeoticLog's robust analytical tools enable geologists to draw actionable insights from complex geological data.

Quality assurance

GeoticLog includes built-in quality assurance features to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your geological logging data.

Customisable reports

Create detailed reports, tailored to meet your needs. GeoticLog supports a wide range of customisable templates for quick, efficient reporting.


Trusted by geologists

GeoticLog is trusted by geologists, engineers, and researchers across the globe in sectors such as:

  • Mining exploration
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • Academia and research
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