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Geological data collection & generation

Field geochemistry and assay sampling

Specially trained field staff who understand the value of collecting the correct data and the context for its use. Sampling media ranges from soil, rock outcrop, stream sediments, and drilling sources.

Field geochemist

Semi automated geotechnical logging

Geotechnical core logging informs rock mass classification for engineering and safety planning. Applications include civil and mine scenarios. Computer Vision enhanced logging using our LithoLensTM Platform saves time and produces data which is more consistent and accurate than what can be collected by teams of individuals.

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Semi automated geological logging

Machine learning geological core logging is the process of using artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse and categorise rock and mineral samples in geological cores. This process helps geologists identify rock types, minerals, and other features more efficiently and accurately.

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Field data collection software

Robust, consistent, and efficient data collection improves downstream interpretation, saves time, and reduces risk. Our goal at ALS GoldSpot is to assist clients in collecting and capturing high-quality, fit-for-purpose data at every opportunity.


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