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Geophysics data layer interpretation

Structural analysis from geophysics

Geophysical data is an essential component of any good structural analysis. Our team of expert geophysicists perform a structural analysis using all available geophysical data in 2 and 3 dimensions, at regional to local mine scales. The geophysics team then works closely with our structural geologists to integrate the analysis of the geophysical data into the geological models.

Struct Analysis Geophys

Geophysical data interpretation

Each geophysical method provides data that measure different properties of the earth that need to be interpreted in order to understand the rocks and structure in your project areas. Our geophysicists perform a fully integrated interpretation of all data provided by our clients, and any publicly available data. Interpretation products are used for traditional exploration targeting, to help validate targets selected by our other geoscience teams, and as input feature layers for the data stack for machine learning.

Geophysical Data Interpretation