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Lithology and stratigraphy

3D lithological modeling is a geologic modeling technique used to visualise and analyse the spatial distribution of different rock types in a subsurface. It combines geologic, geophysical, and geochemical data to create a three-dimensional representation of the subsurface geological structure and rock properties. The model is used for resource exploration and management, site characterisation, and geological hazard assessments.

Lithogeochemical data with legend


3D modeling of hydrothermal alteration involves creating a virtual representation of the changes that occur in rock structures due to hot, mineral-rich water. This model helps visualise the distribution and extent of alteration, as well as the minerals formed, which can be used to understand the geology and resources of an area.

Cobalt blue mine


geotechnical modelling involves creating a virtual representation of the subsurface soil and rock conditions. It helps predict failure behaviour and therefore informs engineering design, safety consideration, and capital development budgeting. Geotechnical models are used to create efficient and cost-effective mining operations.

3D Alteration