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Fluid analysis & testing

Routine fluids analysis and testing is key to a successful maintenance program

A standard oil, fuel, or coolant analysis and testing program, like we have at ALS, is comprised of routine tests that can meet most asset maintenance requirements. Minimise equipment downtime, permit more efficient maintenance scheduling, protect warranty claims, and increase equipment resale value.

ALS provides fluid analysis across many industries and a variety of testing services for oil, fuel, coolant, grease, metalworking fluid, and transformer oil.

We provide a trend report for your fluids that provides information and recommendations to help optimise system reliability for equipment health. With a regular fluid analysis program such as oil analysis, it is possible to be one step ahead of unnecessary breakdowns and downtime. 

oil analysis

Cost-effective test packages

With the largest equipment database and our decades of analytics expertise, our ALS team is able to provide a fluid analysis program customised to your equipment, providing extensive knowledge and recommendations tailored to your maintenance needs.

Companies without preventative maintenance programs typically spend at least 10 percent of their revenues on maintenance and equipment repair. Add to this the cost of equipment downtime, decreased productivity, and devalued used machines, and this can easily add up to thousands of dollars per year.

Oil, fuel, & coolant analysis

Routine oil analysis is essential when implementing a maintenance program. Monitoring equipment condition through oil analysis helps locate excessively worn parts and predict potential failures.

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ALS analyses a variety of equipment fluids:

  • Oil analysis
  • Brake Fluid Testing
  • Coolant Testing
  • Diesel Fuel Testing
  • Grease Testing
  • Metalworking Fluid Testing
  • Transformer Oil Testing

Maximum Service Life and Minimum Operating Cost of Your Assets

With tools that include fluid analysis and data intelligence, ALS offers intelligent, cost-effective solutions for managing the reliability of your assets.

Trending analysis reports created from routinely collected fluid analysis data have the capability to move your maintenance program from a one-off reactive exercise to an overall proactive plan to improve return on investment.

  • Problems in the initial stages of development.
  • Excessive wear and the source of that component’s wear.
  • Unwanted contaminants, such as dirt, water, coolant, nitration, and incorrect oil.
  • The fluid’s suitability for further service time, i.e. oil and equipment degradation.
  • Dilution of lubricants and/or fluids.
  • Misapplication of lubricants and/or fluids.
  • Fluid mixing and compatibility.




17 MAY 2022


ALS Global Diesel Fuel Testing


ALS Global Coolant Flyer


Power generation equipment

ALS provides fluid analysis for power generation equipment, such as transformers and turbines. These fluid analysis programs are designed around the unique challenges and regulations necessary to keep your equipment in safe, working, order.

Transformer oil analysis
Turbine & Industrial oil testing

Aviation oil analysis

Designed specifically for aircraft owners and maintenance personnel, ALS AOA helps aircraft owners monitor the condition of their aircraft's engine, hydraulics and other lubricating systems. This provides essential information about wear, contamination, and lubricant condition in order to extend the life of your asset.

Aviation oil analysis

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Other fluid analysis content at ALS

Know the baseline signaling limits for worn metals, lubricant properties, and contaminants.

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