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About ALS in Australia

ALS in Australia provides a wide range of laboratory testing services. It has multiple locations across the country and offers services to support various industries, including mining, oil and gas, environmental, food, and pharmaceuticals. ALS has a team of experienced and qualified scientists who are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable results to their clients in a timely manner.

ALS is accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and comply with international standard such as ISO/IEC 17025. It also has a strong commitment to quality control and continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of service to their clients.

Contact details

Level 9B, 25 King Street
Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD 4006
T: +61 7 3367 7900

ALS Australia Food and Beverage testing

Food & Beverage Testing

ALS offers a comprehensive range of services for Food & Beverage, as well as employs highly experienced and qualified scientists to perform chemical and microbiological testing. Clients of ALS include government regulatory bodies, manufacturers, traders, the hospitality industry and consumers. The scope of services includes: testing for general food filling, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, seafood, cooking oils and seasonal foods, packaging material.
Routine testing includes: microbiological, trace organics (including pesticides and herbicides), adulterants, metals, nutritional labeling, vitamin complexes, preservatives and sweeteners, packaging material testing and shelf life studies, method development and validation.

ALS Australia Pharmaceutical testing

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Testing

ALS laboratories are equipped to support physical, chemical and analytical testing needs across the entirety of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Traditional wet chemistry goes hand in hand with modern, industry leading technologies.
In addition, our analytical services underpin risk management and product development activity through Technical Projects & Contaminants Screening.

ALS Australia Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

ALS Environmental provides a full range of environmental analytical testing services, specialising in the analysis of soil, sediment, water (raw, waste, drinking, catchment, recycled, saline, product), leachates, dust, air (indoor, stack, ambient), gas, biota, industrial hygiene, and radiochemistry. Analytical laboratory testing services for these matrices includes routine, trace and ultra-trace level organics (volatile and semi volatile, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs and disinfection byproducts), metals and nutrients, inorganic non-metallics, microbiological, biological, toxicological parameters, particle sizing and radio nuclides, as well as specialty testing areas in specific regions.

ALS Australia Geochemistry

Mining & Commodities

ALS Mining & Commodities is the leading full-service provider of testing services for the mining industry. It provides unparalleled coverage for a dynamic industry that seeks consistency, reliability, quality, mobility, versatility and technical leadership from service providers. ALS Mining & Commodities services cover the entire resource life-cycle from exploration, feasibility, production, design, development through to trade, and finally rehabilitation.

ALS Australia Tribology

Fluid Analysis & Testing

ALS operates its fluid analysis & testing as a completely independent oil, fuel, coolant, and metalworking service. Services include: in-service lubricant analysis, engine coolant analysis, diesel fuel analysis, metalworking fluids analysis, wear debris analysis, consulting and training. With an international customer base that includes construction, mining, transportation, lubricant suppliers, oil exploration and manufacturers; ALS provides superior analytical testing solutions that improve the maintenance practices of their clients’ business.

ALS Australia Gas testing

Coal Testing

ALS Coal is synonymous with industry excellence, applying more than 60 years of coal quality assessment experience. ALS Coal has the resources, expertise, equipment, laboratory capacity and the skill to deliver the quality and turnaround required for any proposed program and provide the solutions needed in maximising the inherent value of their clients coal products. ALS Coal assess and rank a coal product’s physical handling, coal blend propensity and every element of coal performance and behaviour in application to give a true picture of its marketability and value-in-use.

ALS Australia Gas Services

Gas Services

ALS has taken the natural step of extending its service lines into the oil and gas sector. ALS can tailor a service package to meet any scope or scale, and provide both a convenient and timely service. From focussing on conventional or unconventional hydrocarbons to reservoir structure, ALS can provide clients with the best technical and commercial solution.

ALS Australia Metallurgy

Metallurgical Testing

ALS Metallurgy is the market leader in bankable metallurgical testing services for mineral process flowsheet development and optimization. With hub facilities based in the major mining centre of Perth (Western Australia), the group is well placed to service major projects and offer commodity customised solutions. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle and prepare a large range of sample types including hazardous and radioactive materials. ALS Metallurgy offers both bench scale and large scale pilot plant facilities and expert metallurgists to provide mineral processing, hydrometallurgical, and mineralogical testing services.