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CCD, neutralisation, solution purification & precipitation

CCD, neutralisation, solution purification & precipitation

Following the primary extraction processes (atmospheric or pressure leaching), the hydrometallurgical process is only just beginning. Typically, there is a requirement to neutralize highly acid solutions and/or solids-liquid separation via counter-current decantation. Often solutions must undergo impurity removal and purification that typically involved the process of precipitation (of either the value metal ions or the impurities). These processes will be specific to every ore type or chemical environment and our experienced ALS team of hydrometallurgists can either define or adhere to your exact requirements.


CCD, neutralisation, solution purification & precipitation services

Acid neutralisation circuits are available in various sizes and stages and these can be fabricated to suit a particular need. The main skid comprises a 3-4 stage continuous plant operating at 80 to 95ºC with option for Cr(VI) Pre-Reduction via reductant (NaHS) addition, and can handle feed flowrates of ~ 50 to 150 L/h.

A CCD washing and thickening circuit is available with up to six stages (each of ~300 L including pre-mix tanks. This plant handles up to 30 kg/h dry solids with in-line feed flow measurement).

Solution purification circuit is available with up to six stages for removal of Fe(II), Al and other impurities via limestone addition and air-O2 sparging. The plant has installed auto-pH control and can accommodate variable retention (4.5 to 10 hours typically).

Multi-stage circuits are available for precipitation of MHP, MHP filtration and washing; scavenger precipitation of Ni and Co, and Effluent /Tailings treatment (Mn, Mg precipitation and Tailings Neutralisation).

All of the above can be readily scale and tailors to fit a client’s requirements.

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Electrowinning rarely happens in isolation and typically many other processes are inter-related, leaching, CCD, filtration, recycles, impurity removal, purification etc.

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