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Electrowinning (EW)

Electrowinning is the electrodeposition of dissolved metal ions from leach solutions. An electrowinning cell comprises of a bath containing the leach solution in which inert anodes and cathodes are immersed. An electrical current is then passed from the inert anode (oxidation) through the leach solution causing the dissolved metal ions to be deposited onto the cathode (reduction). ALS has created and invested in a ‘state of the art’ Hydrometallurgical Centre of Excellence (HCE) and has a world class service capability to investigate electrowinning in all flowsheet configurations.


Electrowinning services

A range of electro-winning cells is available to produce a range of metal cathodes as final metal products, including: copper, nickel, lead, gold, silver, and cobalt. These cells can incorporate bagged anodes or cathodes. EW cells are also relatively easy to fabricate and can be made to suit a specific application.

Three rectifiers are available for current delivery to the cells and if necessary additional units can be purchased or hired.

Electro-winning can be done in batch mode or continuously when integrated with a solvent extraction pilot plant or other leaching process plants.

ALS had conducted electro-winning with a range of cathode sizes from 1/10 to full size.

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Associated testwork services

Electrowinning rarely happens in isolation and typically many other processes are inter-related, leaching, CCD, filtration, recycles, impurity removal, purification etc.

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