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Hydrometallurgical piloting

As for mineral processing programs, hydrometallurgical projects will ultimately need to undergo piloting to prove the process can run affectively in continuous/dynamic operation and meet the test objectives and criteria achieved on the bench. Considering recirculating streams, temperature effects, larger vessels, continuous flows, and potentially different chemical environments, this is by no means a lay down misère to accomplish. It takes a specialist skill set to bring all of the technical and operational parameters together for a successful outcome. ALS has that skill set with decades of experience, a massive equipment inventory, and hundreds of pilot campaigns under our belt.

Clave Hidro HPAL

Hydrometallurgical piloting services

All of the hydrometallurgical services outlined in the benchscale sections can be completed at pilot scale with continuous operation. As mentioned above, and assuming the requisite technical acumen, the real test of successful hydrometallurgical piloting is achieved by bringing together the following factors:

Hydrometallurgical piloting is complex and challenging but at ALS we consider it one of our strongest fortes and done right, well, it can be a lot of fun!

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Associated testwork services

Electrowinning rarely happens in isolation and typically many other processes are inter-related, leaching, CCD, filtration, recycles, impurity removal, purification etc.

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